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Engineering and Technology Courses & Online Certificate Programs

Jayhawk Global offers online engineering and technology courses, maintenance management online courses, as well as certificate programs that allow attendees to learn from proven instructors in their fields. Students who study online get the same training these instructors present in their live seminars without having to travel or spend a large amount of time away from their workplace.

Upon successful completion of the program modules, participants are awarded a certificate documenting their specialized education and knowledge in their technical field. These certificates serve as evidence of the participant’s qualifications and competence to present to current or potential employers.

The Reliability Engineering Certification (REC) builds and certifies competency in reliability engineering and asset management. Successful candidates will be able to apply reliability engineering to build asset management programs that are consistent with ISO 55000 Asset Management standards. The REC requires completion of four three-day courses and documented application of reliability engineering in the form of a work product:

Learn more about the Maintenance Management Certification in partnership with the Life Cycle Institute.


    Build and sustain a world-class Maintenance Program. You will learn practical skills that can be applied on the job right away, demonstrate your commitment to building a solid maintenance program and increase your value to your organization. To earn a Maintenance Management Certification (MMC), candidates must complete four courses and successfully pass the Maintenance Management Certification exam within three years: 

    Learn more about Maintenance Management Certification in partnership with the Life Cycle Institute

    Lean Six Sigma certification allows you to demonstrate your value to your organization and provides useful professional skills, as well as a valuable professional credential. This approach to business performance improvement promotes speed, efficiency, lowers waste and error removal, allowing your organization to improve overall quality without sacrificing time or extra labor. Lean Six Sigma processes are used by some of the biggest names in business, such as Amazon, 3M, Ford, GE, and Geico.

    Jayhawk Global holds Lean Six Sigma training courses as well as seminars that help you put the principles of Lean and Six Sigma to work. Corporate onsite training is also available for any of these programs.

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    A well-planned warehouse layout will help you reduce operating costs by improving warehouse processes and inventory control. In this course, you will receive hands-on training in Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) - the world's most structured approach to layout and facilities planning. In addition to lectures, you will learn by doing, with over 100 pages of worksheets and case exercises. Guided by a leading authority on warehouse/DC layout, you will practice diagramming and quantifying material flow. You will also learn how to chart and diagram all the relationships in your layouts. 

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    Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) is recognized throughout the world as the most organized way to lay out a facility for efficient operation. Leading companies have made it a standard practice in their Lean and Six Sigma programs. This course will prepare you to lead layout projects using SLP and to achieve remarkable results in record time.

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    Engineering Technology

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