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Fire Officer

The Fire Officer Training program area includes three program areas: Fire Officer training, Fire Inspector training, and Leadership Development courses through the National Fire Academy.  Fire Officer training courses are designed to provide aspiring fire officers and existing fire officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and supervise firefighters.  

Topics include training designed to meet National Certification for:

  • Fire Officer 1 and 2
  • Fire Inspector 1 and 2

National Fire Academy Direct Delivery courses are available upon request.  The most frequently requested courses include:

  • Fire Officer Leadership in Supervision
  • Fire Fighter Safety, Health and Wellness
  • Fireground Leadership Strategy and Tactics
  • Community Risk Reduction
  • Incident Safety Officer

For more information about requesting Fire Officer training programs or National Fire Academy Direct Delivery courses for your organization, please contact:

James Zeeb

Fire Officer Training Program Manager

Phone (Direct): 785-864-7227


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