Traffic Incident Management Program - Kansas Fire & Rescue Training

A highway scene with a fire truck in the foreground on the left side and traffic flowing past on the right. In the distance, a police car an ambulance and two privately owner vehicles. There are emergency personnel in safety vests and it appears to be a small accident or disabled vehicle.

Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute


Kansas Traffic Incident Management Program

The National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder Training Program is designed to promote consistent training for responders to highway and roadway emergencies.  The objectives of the TIM's program are to achieve a safe, quick response and clearance of roadway emergencies; and to provide prompt, reliable interoperable communications during roadway emergencies

The Kansas TIM Program offers courses in two formats.

  • In-house /In-service courses allow local instructors to schedule and teach courses on their own schedule using their own resources. The typical application of this format is to accommodate the training needs of single entities and their unique schedules.
  • Multi-discipline courses are offered regionally to provide TIM training designed to encourage interaction among peers from multiple disciplines of responders to highway/roadway emergencies (Law Enforcement, Fire, Public Works, EMS, and Tow Operators).

All disciplines are welcome and encouraged to attend TIM courses offered through this program.   There is no cost for these courses

For more information about requesting TIM training for your organization, please contact:

Mark Billquist

Firefighter Training Program Coordinator

Phone (Direct): 785-864-9187