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Jayhawk Global provides an engaging, accessible educational experience you can access anywhere around the world by bringing the exceptional educational programming you've come to expect from the University of Kansas and its renowned faculty and supportive student guidance.

Jayhawk Global was created to formalize and expedite the process of launching a robust portfolio of educational offerings designed to increase student enrollment and generate revenue, with an immediate priority focus on the development and delivery of online degree programs. The charge to Jayhawk Global is to create an innovation center for current and future educational opportunities that embraces all forms of learner engagement including, degree programs (undergraduate and graduate), professional and workforce development, certifications, competency-based educational offerings, credit for prior experience, employee training, and enrichment learning. 

Reach Further with Us to a Brighter Future

Re-envisioning the delivery of online credit & online and on-ground noncredit programs to every interested individual, regardless of where they live.


Provide engaging and accessible educational experiences to a broad, diverse learning audience through the development of high-quality, non-traditional means of disseminating University of Kansas knowledge and research. 


Unite university schools, departments, faculty, and support systems in a shared effort to develop and deliver innovative and accessible programming through collaborative, student-focused efforts in the areas of online degree and workforce development programs, certifications, credit for prior experience, professional education, employee training, and enrichment programming.  


Jayhawk Global is an education innovation center that advances and delivers flexible forms of learner engagement, including online degree programs, professional and workforce development, certifications, competency-based educational offerings, credit for prior experience, employee training, and enrichment learning. By coordinating and ensuring current campus resources work in harmony to support high-quality educational offerings for online degree programs and online and on-ground noncredit programs, Jayhawk Global provides access to the University of Kansas’ high-quality engaging educational opportunities learners can enjoy in Kansas and around the world.  

Neal Martin Kingston

From my earliest dreams of becoming an educator, I have wanted to apply the science of learning to open educational opportunity to those who need a more flexible approach. Joining the Jayhawk Global team allows me to move that dream forward!

Neal Martin Kingston
Vice Provost of Jayhawk Global and Competency-Based Education

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Respect that each professional school/academic program has its unique mission, guiding principles, goals, and accreditation requirements and responsibilities and expertise in the discipline and current and potential student needs and expectations, all of which guides the program in making thoughtful and educated decisions regarding how to recruit and serve its stakeholders, but at the same time, remember they are a part of an overarching entity, University of Kansas, and therefore are required to work within that larger university’s existing systems, structures, and policies.  

No internal competition between departments, campuses, academic units regarding online degree offerings, but also regarding the cooperation amongst the multitude of departments providing services that when all works well together makes for a successful, innovative experience for the student.  

Inclusion of all fully online programming, including online academic degrees, individual courses, non-degree opportunities, non-credit education and training. 

Transparency and open communication are required to build trust and mutual respect.  

Ensure all stakeholders have a seat at the table or opportunity to express their thoughts and expertise when decisions affecting more than one department or unit are being vetted. 

Utilize the strengths and expertise that already exists at the University of Kansas, especially when it comes to existing human capital. Jayhawk Global organizational structure includes head roles in key operational areas who act as liaisons between Jayhawk Global and the network of strategic partners around the university. These key operational area experts will work individually with each unit to create unique product launch plans and ensure the most efficient use of resources.    

Clear understanding of how Jayhawk Global fits into existing structures but also identify needed updates or changes when needed. 

Provide ample financial and resources support to ensure sustainable success and room for growth. 

Work closely with the educational unit to develop clear and concise service agreements that ensure the best use of already existing resources and plan to fill in the gaps. 

Ensure systems, policies, and procedures are reviewed and updated to cover specific online needs. 

Students will indicate interest and apply to a program’s online format by choosing the online subplan code, which will allow programs to use existing procedures for applications, enrollment processes, reporting data, tuition and fees, and granting of the degree.  

Existing program approval committees and procedures will be utilized to approve existing and new programs planning to be launched in an online format. SEM and APCC will guide approval processes to ensure steps are clearly defined and all steps are completed in a timely and efficient manner setting up programs for success in the final approval steps through the accreditation bodies, Board of Regents, and the Higher Learning Commission. 

Provide this unique and extremely complicated, innovative programming without the student feeling the burden of the complexities.  

Ensure that the systems, policies, and procedures allow for students to move from campus to campus and format to format and do not feel hindered.  

Consistent and available student support. Open door policy even online. Clear understanding of the available supports and how to access these: counseling and mental health supports, advising and retention, writing support, KUIDs, technology, library access, financial aid, emergency support s. 

Open communication and continued coordination and training between the academic unit and academic supports to guide students from inquiry to graduation and beyond and avoid message confusion. 

Online students will receive the same recognizable degree just in a more flexible, convenient delivery method. Academic units and faculty are still the owners, developers, and implementers of the curriculum and with the added instructional design support through Jayhawk Global’s coordination with the Center for Online and Distance Learning, Achievement and Assessment Institute, and C3Be, it guarantees robust, highly engaging course development and delivery.  

Offer assistance and support in instructional design in coordination with the experts at the Center for Online and Distance Learning to help build user-friendly course design and navigation. Center for Online and Distance Learning utilizes a nationally recognized Quality Matters Rubric that evaluates eight areas: course overview and introduction, learning objectives (competencies), assessment and measurement, instructional materials, course activities and learner interaction, course technology, learner supports, accessibility and usability.  

Recognized Jayhawk brand and highly respected University of Kansas diploma or certification.  

Ensures the University of Kansas stays viable in an ever-expanding market. 

Courses follow the same curricula and course names and numbers as on-ground programs, which allows for transferability between campuses and/or flipping between online and on-campus programs.  

Increase retention and reduce student debt by offering alternative, flexible and expanded course opportunities.   

Additional support and resources geared towards increasing online options will lead to a broader selection, reach, and access to the University of Kansas and its highly reputable education.  

Support community and future student needs by using market-driven data to identify and launch degrees and courses. 


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Goal 1

Establish Jayhawk Global as a trusted partner that not only provides additional resources and supports for units expanding into the online space but also acts as the online expert that provides continual guidance in all aspects of online expansions.
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Goal 2

Increase and diversify online options for all learners at all stages of their higher educational experience and beyond providing utterly unique and convenient opportunities for any lifelong learner: prospective students, current students, non-degree seeking students, continuing education.  
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Goal 3

Create an interactive, innovative online format and opportunity that is an extension of the renowned and trusted Jayhawk experience and provides seamless transition across all campuses and formats to create the ultimate modern day student experience.  


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Goal 4

Develop robust recruitment marketing plans that are unique to each unit/program that enlists expertise and resources from KU Marketing, Academic Success, Enrollment Management, and the academic unit to ensure clear communications strategies and tactics that reach active-seeking potential students and guide them through the enrollment funnel from inquiry to enrolled and beyond.
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Goal 5

Ensure support and guidance services are built into the experience and easily accessible by all audiences to guarantee the highest level of retention.
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Goal 6

Identify metrics of success for Jayhawk Global and continually analyze the outcomes.

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Online Degree Programs

KU’s online degree programs are designed with your busy schedule in mind and offer the flexibility to study whenever – and wherever – is most convenient for you.

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Noncredit Programs  

Jayhawk Global offers noncredit education and employee training and development across the Kansas City region, the state and the world. It operates the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute (KFRTI), Professional Programs and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

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