Jayhawk Global

Flexible and Innovative Education for Diverse Learners

Jayhawk Global is at the forefront of educational evolution, shaping itself into a hub that houses cutting-edge and non-traditional forms of learning. As the landscape of education continues to transform, we are proud to introduce a division that stands as a beacon of adaptability and progress.


What does Jayhawk Global offer?

Jayhawk Global has evolved into a dynamic hub of educational excellence, offering a variety of formats to cater to a diverse audience. We have carefully crafted and refined our division to provide unparalleled educational experiences. The different formats now housed under Jayhawk Global include:

Jayhawk Online

Discover the freedom of education with Jayhawk Online! Tailored for those seeking flexible degrees, it's the ideal solution for students unable to attend a physical campus, accommodating diverse schedules with innovative online programs.
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Benefits of Jayhawk Online

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Outstanding Support

As an online student at the University of Kansas, you’ll have access to the student support services that will help you succeed.
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Flat-rate Tuition

Tuition and fees for KU online programs vary by program, level and your degree-seeking status. Many offer flat-rate tuition regardless of your residency.
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Quality Matters

We'll support you with the latest online learning methods and systems, and you'll benefit from virtually delivered student success services and co-curricular experiences.

Jayhawk Flex

Introducing Jayhawk Flex: Your pathway to dynamic learning! Break free from location and time constraints. Enroll in full programs, learn at your pace, and advance skill by skill with assessments. Embrace flexibility in education!
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Benefits of Jayhawk Flex

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Equity and Accessibility

Flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, and on any timeline, despite personal circumstances.
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Earn credits for experiences that came from military service, civilian workplaces, hobbies, or self-study, allowing them to save time and money.
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High Quality

Quality of degree guaranteed and shown by collected artifacts from demonstrations of mastery.

Join the Flock from Anywhere

Jayhawk Online provides rigorous curriculum taught by renowned KU Instructors with exceptional support. Jayhawk Flex programs launching fall 2025.

Jayhawk Continuing Education

Providing a broad spectrum of courses and credentials to address the continuous learning and skill enhancement needs of employees and satisfy the intellectual curiosity of lifelong learners. Jayhawk Continuing Education opportunities could be available online or in-person.
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Benefits of Jayhawk Continuing Education

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Record of Success

Established in 1891, it is the third oldest continuing education unit in the world and is a leading provider of professional education programming, workforce training and lifelong enrichment.
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Flexible & Responsive

We create customized, relevant employee development and training programs for businesses and industries in the Kansas City metropolitan area, across the country and around the world.
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Educational opportunities in the areas of aerospace, engineering tech management, leadership, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, social & behavioral sciences.

Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute (KFRTI)

The mission of Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute is to provide accessible, comprehensive training and credentialing for fire and emergency response personnel to promote health and safety in Kansas Communities.

Kansas Fire and Rescue Training Institute train students using the Flabbable Liquids and Gases Fighfighting Simulator

Benefits of KFRTI

Firefighers using fire hose to train

Numerous Formats

Experience tailored training at your location with hands-on sessions featuring state-of-the-art props and equipment. Engage in complete online training programs at your fire station. Opt for a dynamic hybrid approach, combining both online and in-person elements for comprehensive learning.
Firefighters in turnout gear smiling in front of a fire truck

No Cost Option

Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute brings certified and experienced instructors and training to local jurisdictions to train fire and emergency response personnel at no cost to Kansas fire and emergency response personnel.
firefighter turnout gear hanging in a station

National Certification Program

National Certification for Kansas firefighters is a popular program that brings the ability for firefighters to achieve national certification at any of 22 fire service disciplines and levels.

Jayhawk Global News

Since its inception, Jayhawk Global has been dedicated to offering an engaging, accessible educational experience that transcends geographical boundaries, merging the University of Kansas' highly-regarded educational programming and faculty with comprehensive student support services.

Neal Kingston, Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology and Director of the Achievement and Assessment Institute, will serve as our next Vice Provost of Jayhawk Global and Competency-Based Education.  

firefighters searching a smokey interior of a house

Certified Fire Officer with a doctorate in Educational Leadership and current Assistant Director of Operations & Accreditation for KFRTI, Dr. Ken Fowler, has article "Valued Leadership—What It Is and What It Isn’t" published in Firefighter Nation.