Steering Jayhawk Global Toward the Future of Learning: Introducing New Leadership

Since its inception, Jayhawk Global has been dedicated to offering an engaging, accessible educational experience that transcends geographical boundaries, merging the University of Kansas' highly-regarded educational programming and faculty with comprehensive student support services. Over the past two years, Jayhawk Global has evolved into a leading force in educational innovation, serving as a hub for innovative and non-traditional learning methods. As the educational landscape continues to evolve, the University of Kansas proudly presents Jayhawk Global as a division committed to adaptability and progress.

As Jayhawk Global sets its sights on the future, recognizing the significance of adaptability and innovative strategies, we are excited to announce that the new leader of Jayhawk Global is Dr. Neal Kingston. Dr. Kingston, University Distinguished Professor of Educational Psychology at KU, is ideally positioned to guide Jayhawk Global forward, equipped with outstanding qualifications and a readiness to lead us toward new horizons. Dr. Kingston, already serving as Director of the Achievement and Assessment Institute (AAI), embraces this pivotal leadership role alongside his existing responsibilities. His consistent contributions in academic innovation and organizational leadership throughout his career underscore a wealth of experience and expertise. Having assumed the role of Vice Provost of Jayhawk Global and Competency-Based Education on Jan. 2, 2024, Dr. Kingston's expertise and vision promise a bright trajectory for Jayhawk Global under his leadership.

"Jayhawk Global embodies the essence of my educational values—personalized learning that will unlock potentials and open doors,” Dr. Kingston expresses. “From my early frustrations as a first-generation college student, I have wanted to apply the science of learning to open educational opportunity to those who need a more flexible approach. Joining Jayhawk Global enables me to advance that dream, ensuring every student discovers their unique path to success.”

In a parallel transition, Dr. Michelle Mohr Carney, formerly the Founding Vice Provost of Jayhawk Global, has returned to her full-time role as Dean of the School of Social Welfare. Dr. Carney played a crucial role in the inception and establishment of Jayhawk Global, providing instrumental leadership and guidance in laying the foundation for a robust portfolio of fully online degree programs.

"I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Neal Kingston into this critical role. His track record of achievement, coupled with his dedication to fostering innovation and academic excellence, positions him as an invaluable asset in propelling Jayhawk Global and Competency-Based Education forward. I extend my deep and sincere gratitude to Founding Vice Provost Michelle Mohr Carney for her invaluable guidance in laying the foundation for Jayhawk Global,” said Barbara A. Bichelmeyer, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor at the University of Kansas.

Jayhawk Global is a dynamic center of educational excellence, providing a range of formats customized to suit a diverse audience. Continuously flexible and forward-thinking, Jayhawk Global fosters the development of innovative learning formats, anticipating and embracing change. With a commitment to redefining the future of education, Jayhawk Global remains ahead of the curve, identifying educational opportunities that cater to the unique needs of our learners and communities. Jayhawk Global has undergone meticulous development to ensure the delivery of distinctive educational experiences. The various formats now available under Jayhawk Global include:

  • Jayhawk Online:Synonymous with KU Online, programs that are offered in the Jayhawk Online format are designed for learners seeking a degree with the flexibility of location. It caters to students who aren’t able to travel to a physical campus to attend class and those with schedules that do not align with traditional on-campus requirements.
  • Jayhawk Flex: A highly flexible and adaptable format designed to meet the dynamic needs of learners, freeing students not only from location, but also from time. Students enroll in entire programs rather than individual courses, working at their own pace to master a certain number of competencies, advancing from one skill to the next as they demonstrate mastery based on assessments. This format will offer five inaugural programs starting fall of 2025.
  • Jayhawk Continuing Education: Providing a broad spectrum of courses and credentials to address the continuous learning and skill enhancement needs of employees and satisfy the intellectual curiosity of lifelong learners. Jayhawk Continuing Education opportunities could be available online or in-person.
  • Kansas Fire and Rescue Training Institute: Offering state-of-the-art training across Kansas, accommodating both novice learners and highly experienced fire and rescue personnel.