Leadership Coaching

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Leadership Training

Professional Leadership Coaching

This is a program of professional development and personal enrichment that elicits insights and self-awareness for executives and emerging leaders who are striving to improve business results.

Through a confidential relationship with an executive coach, participants engage in an assessment of their personal and professional motivations and desires, their communication and decision-making styles, and how they are perceived by co-workers, clients, and others with whom they need successful relationships.

What Coaching IsWhat Coaching Is Not
Personally and professionally enrichingAnother lame training program
ConfidentialAn opportunity for public humiliation
ObjectiveFraught with hidden agendas
Committed to business improvementFeel good, pedantic, obsequious, warm 'n fuzzy
Unique to each coacheeTemplated, rote, homogenized, standardized
A journey to realizing your full potentialA quick fix
Behavior-, skill-, and business-basedPsychotherapy
Iterative, organic, and evolvingBy the book
A demonstration of accountabilityA substitute or proxy for management involvement
A constructive intervention for development and refinement of skillsAn A-B-C, 1-2-3 list of "shoulds" and "coulds"


Process, Methodologies, and Rules of Engagement

Process Steps:

  1. Assess the individual's current state.
  2. Orient the coach and the individual to the coachee's environment, challenges, and goals.
  3. Engage each individual in the particular leadership challenges they face.
  4. Work to link personal and team behaviors to goals.
  5. Challenge the individual to set specific expectations to achieve results.
  6. Evaluate progress through observable and documented behavior changes.

Coaching session documentation, observations, and action recommendations are provided to the individual as a tool for performance definition and change prior to the next coaching opportunity.

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