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Trusted Partners

Providing additional resources, supports and continual guidance in all aspects of online expansions

Goal 1

Establish Jayhawk Global as a trusted partner that not only provides additional resources and supports for units expanding into the online space but also acts as the online expert that provides continual guidance in all aspects of online expansions.


  • Identify the internal organizational structure of Jayhawk Global. 

  • Clearly establish how existing units and positions function under the new Jayhawk Global structure (i.e., PCE, Lifelong Learning).

  • Develop detail-oriented job descriptions for internal Jayhawk Global positions that clearly illustrate how the positions work within the Jayhawk Global team structure, but also how and who they work with in the larger KU context. 

  • Identify how the Unit and each position within the unit function alongside and with other KU networks to ensure that teams are working together and not competing and guaranteeing effective and efficient functioning.

  • Clearly defined organizational structures between administrative departments and the program units: Enrollment Management, Academic Student Support, Jayhawk Global, Marketing and the Unit, and in some cases the secondary entity.  

  • Outline expectations with outside networks within service agreements to ensure transparency and accountability. 

  • With current contracts, create an agreement, so Jayhawk Global leaders have a clear understanding of what is being offered and good back and forth communications plan between the secondary party, the school unit and Jayhawk Global.   

  • Build trust between different entities and breakdown silos to create synergistic relationships.   

  • Increase transparency in organizational structure and duties by showing clear lines and dotted lines that need to be adhered to, so we can truly act as one team, one KU.