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For All Learners at All Stages

Providing utterly unique and convenient opportunities for any lifelong learner

Goal 2

Increase and diversify online options for all learners at all stages of their higher educational experience and beyond providing utterly unique and convenient opportunities for any lifelong learner: prospective students, current students, non-degree seeking students, continuing education.  


  • Identify inclusion criteria for programs into the online space, determine criteria that makes a program viable. 

  • Assist in the creation and implementation of an Enrollment Opportunity Analysis, which will include outline specific information needed for submission such as evidence of demand, potential opportunity, competitive advantage, strategic fit, alignment with capacity, cost/benefit analysis, antecedents for success. 

  • Requires university administration and budget model to make it profitable for all units to participate in online education and understand the importance of growth through online efforts.  

  • Create incentive budget structure and needed supports that make academic programs want to explore the online space. 

  • Create clear academic program guidelines and steps to launch new and existing programs in online formats that properly vet proposals and approve high quality, high need programs.   

  • Outline step-by-step procedures with timeframes for new program/format approval through SEM/APCC, University, Unit Accreditation, and KBOR approvals. 

  • Identify outline of next steps in a five-year plan for planning, developing, and launching of online programs. 

  • Categorize with SEM/APCC, KU Marketing and academic units a priority list of programs (wave 1, 2 and 3) with strong student and community demand and community demand that meet the identified criteria for a sustainable and revenue generating program. 

  • Use data-driven, market exploration to expand online programs and courses that successfully provide for our community and worldly needs avoiding duplication and internal competition.   

  • Coordinate with KU Marketing to access market analysis tools and resources such as Lightcast and IPEDs data to identify programs that support community and student needs.   

  • KU Marketing will provide market analysis and expertise on how to interpret the data in the reports, specifically how competitive a program will be in the online space.