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Innovative Online Formats & Opportunties

Create the ultimate modern day student experience

Goal 3

Create an interactive, innovative online format and opportunity that is an extension of the renowned and trusted Jayhawk experience and provides seamless transition across all campuses and formats to create the ultimate modern day student experience.  


  • Ensure clear coordination between Jayhawk Global course development supports and academic unit faculty and administration to guarantee quality and consistent programming. 

  • Create a curricular design and delivery initial assessment to ensure Jayhawk Global is providing necessary resources and the courses are being developed to the standards set by the unit.  

  • Project management from approval for inclusion in Jayhawk Global to launch – mostly new to online. Existing online programs to be reviewed and assessed by the CODL to assure Jayhawk Global quality.   

  • Rely on dedicated instructional designers who work closely with program faculty to create engaging, dynamic, high-quality courses. 

  • Offer curricular design, course sequencing and degree maps. 

  • Provide overview of delivery method and quality assurance. 

  • Desired pedagogy and instructional capacity. 

  • Development of learning assessment criteria.  

  • Instructional design support for program development and engaging course content/format.  

  • Support the unit and faculty teaching Jayhawk Global courses by providing resources and additional services such as new faculty onboarding and orientation and ongoing professional development regarding best practices in online course design and instruction.  

  • Provide IT/ET support .  

  • Work closely with existing KU services to ensure current student information services are adjusted to allow students to effortlessly create their own unique educational experience.  

  • Coordinate with Enrollment Management to ensure course scheduling, enrollment management financial reporting, faculty evaluation support and academic affairs support are being offered and implemented.