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Internal Collaboration & Partnerships

Develop robust recruitment marketing plans that reach active-seeking potential students and guide them from inquiry to enrolled and beyond

Goal 4

Develop robust recruitment marketing plans that are unique to each unit/program that enlists expertise and resources from KU partners and the academic unit to ensure clear communications strategies and tactics that reach active-seeking potential students and guide them through the enrollment funnel from inquiry to enrolled and beyond.


  • Ensure marketing and recruitment organizational structures and supports are clearly defined, so that university departments and administration can work closely with program units to ensure teamwork.   

  • At product launch, initiate survey to identify resources already in the academic unit and how unit would prefer to interact with Jayhawk Global and its department networks. Utilize the talent that already exists on campus and by working together, rise together.   

  • Create individualized market strategy plans that range from heavy to light unit involvement in marketing processes.

  • Create transparency with marketing plans and work individually with each school unit to ensure unit plans and the general university plan work together.  

  • Jayhawk Global marketing representative will be the liaison with the network and the unit, so the unit stays connected and has full visibility of recruitment strategies, communications, funnel analysis and success. When units have robust marketing plans for their on-ground programs, additional efforts will be made to ensure on-ground campaigns and online campaigns work alongside each other and don’t compete.

  • KU Marketing provides marketing resources and assistance with website development, communications campaigns and strategies, writing and design assistance for both traditional and non-traditional media, lead generation and nurturing strategies, media buying including digital media, search engine optimization, and market analysis. 

  • Academic Success offers recruitment support with navigator assistance, enabling programs to promptly address inquiries and facilitate scheduling one-on-one meetings with the designated lead contacts identified by the program. Navigators are also available to assist with apply push and welcome campaigns. Units will still retain control over admission criteria, evaluation and offer decisions. Integrated marketing plans will be developed to ensure academic unit voice is heard in all campaigns and strategies.  

  • Enrollment Management controls the CRM Slate, which will be used for inquiry communications and application processes.  

  • Work with Enrollment Management and Academic Success to ensure the CRM will function as needed for Jayhawk Global marketing plans: ping codes are placed on appropriate website to gather necessary inquiry data, necessary fields are available to collect needed information about prospective students that will be used to build queries that triggering specific communications campaigns and initiate certain actions as well as track important data that will be exported to OAC or tableau for reporting needs.  

  • Include unit level communicators/recruiters in this process and evolution and provide unrestricted access to CRM for departments who have gone through approval process. 

  • Coordinate KU Marketing and academic unit recruitment budget collaboration. Funnel all ad buys through KU Marketing to avoid duplication of ad spending and reduce competition from within the organization.  

  • KU Marketing works with secondary contractors to avoid duplication and leverage their larger ad spend.   

  • Demonstrate successful recruitment marketing strategy implementation in Slate and encourage adoption of one central CRM, which will make inquiry through enrollment data complete thus more accurate. 

  • Create clear reports in OAC and Tableau that incorporates input from all units involved to ensure reports support all goals not just specific unit's goals. 

  • Work with KU Marketing and Academic Success to develop a process that requires approvals if departments want to purchase additional marketing/advising tools to fit their specific needs, and if approved, a plan to maintain consistency and collaboration continues.