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Support & Guidance

Built into the experience and easily accessible by all audiences

Goal 5

Ensure support and guidance services are built into the experience and easily accessible by all audiences to guarantee the highest level of retention.


  • Ensure systems allow for students to cross campuses and formats without affecting their time to degree and funding.  

  • Academic Success and Student Success lines out access and plans to communicate services for online students including, Onboarding/Orientation , Student support , Bridging and orientation programs  , IT/ET, Counseling , Writing support , KUIDs , Technology , Library access , Financial aid , 24/7 365 student support , FAQs on all important areas (financial aid, advising, on-campus activity access, any restrictions for online students)   

  • Academic Success provides a clear outline of how navigators, success coaches and embedded advisors will work with the unit, what resources do they provide for student support versus what the academic unit will continue to or need to do in the absence of a unit level academic advisor.  

  • Ensure websites clearly identify resources, supports, curriculum, tuition and aid, enrollment, advising, graduation, etc. for online students, especially if there is a difference between online and on-ground.