Professional Education Services in Kansas City & Beyond

It’s true, Jayhawk Global is known for providing thousands of courses, workshops, webinars and certificates to help adults start, change or advance their careers. But did you know Jayhawk Global also works directly with businesses and organizations to develop customized professional development programming, provide group training, and manage conferences and events? Partnering with Jayhawk Global gives you an instant connection to the world-class educational resources of the University of Kansas.

Experienced Jayhawk Global staff are available to:

1. Bring Customized Training Programs To Employee Groups On-Site, On-Campus or Online

To stay competitive in today’s business world, your employees must constantly hone their skills to keep pace with changing technology, new laws and other industry developments. The professionals at Jayhawk Global are consistently in-step with business and leadership trends. We work directly with leading experts in industries such as behavioral sciences and information technology. Through our myriad of connections and experience, we are able to develop educational programming to meet the needs of the global workforce. Not only can we offer these workshops, courses and certificates online and on-campus for individuals, we can also bring them directly to your business or organization. With hundreds of educational offerings such as courses in Lean Six Sigma, full stack web development, cybersecurity and data analytics, and the ability to earn certificates in subjects such as professional leadership, employees in almost any industry will benefit from Jayhawk Global programming.

Our Aerospace short courses are known worldwide for their relevant, industry-specific topics, renowned instructors and high-quality standards. The combination allows aerospace corporations to develop in-demand training for their staff, and aerospace engineers to reach their goals faster and even earn certification in aircraft maintenance and safety. 

If you are an employer in the Kansas City area, be sure to check out our KC Corporate Training information.

2. Work With Employers to Develop Robust Professional Learning Programs

Don’t have the time or energy to develop and manage your own professional learning and development at your company? Rely on the expertise of Jayhawk Global to help. We’re experts at developing adult learner programming for employees in all industries. Our comprehensive services begin with developing, conducting and using market research data to establish both your employee needs and industry trends. Once these are prioritized, we work with you to plan and deliver custom content and programming that is relevant and accessible. Our expertise and resources can bring your professional development visions to life to benefit both employees and your company bottom-line.

If you are an employer in the Kansas City area looking for a professional development program for your team, take a look at the topics available.

3. Provide Conference Event and Meeting Planning Services Locally Or Abroad

With decades of experience in planning conferences, events and workshops of all sizes, it’s no wonder so many turn to Jayhawk Global to take the stress out of their event planning responsibilities. From a board retreat in a comfortable conference room at KU to a national conference at a US or overseas destination, Jayhawk Global can plan, prep, market and manage your workshop, meeting or conference. We can arrange speakers and exhibitors, manage contracts and arrangements at the ideal hotel and remain on-site to ensure every detail is perfect. Working with us connects you directly to the worldwide resources of the University to make your ideas come to life.

Find out more information on our conference and event management services.

4. Build your own workforce from new or existing employees

Leverage the KU TalentEd program to employ and develop team members specific to your organization’s needs. With this unique program, you can choose who enters the program, have them educated by KU on a broad range of topics, tailor that education to your organization and earn a commitment from them to stay with your organization. Create new, loyal talent for your tough-to-fill positions with KU TalentEd.

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There’s no doubt that employees want to advance their careers (and their salaries) by learning new skills, gaining work experience and earning valuable certifications. Employers who can make that happen for their employees will see happier employees that will positively impact their company’s bottom line. Find out how Jayhawk Global courses, certificates, workshops and event planning services can take your company’s professional development plan to the next level. When you’re ready to grow your company by growing your employees, call 913-897-8457 or email We look forward to sharing our professional expertise with you soon.