Federal Partnership

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Federal Partnership

Jayhawk Global at KU Edwards Campus proudly extends the University’s educational training resources to federal agencies and their employees.

Jayhawk Global applies the educational values that make KU a world-class center of learning to our catalog of training courses, programs and symposia for working professionals. We also partner directly with businesses, industry representatives and government agencies to assess workforce needs and develop training programs for their employees. As part of the Federal Executive Board partnership with the University of Kansas, a 10 percent discount is offered to federal employees for many of our most popular courses and programs.

See the list below for the selected programs offering the federal partnership discount:

Founded in 1977, KU’s Aerospace Short Course Program is the professional training choice of the global aerospace community. Short courses range from 1–5 days in length, and are delivered in a traditional classroom setting. Our industry-expert instructors translate theory into practical application, so you can return to work and solve real-world problems immediately. Aerospace Short Courses are offered in a variety of formats, including online and face-to-face through scheduled public courses at designated locations across the country.

The following list of short courses has been made available to federal employees at discounted rates:

Using Lean and Six Sigma can help your office reduce costs and maintain high standards of consistency and quality, leading to a competitive edge. Explore Jayhawk Global's Lean Six Sigma training courses to lead projects and contribute to improving services and manufacturing.

Jayhawk Global's online technical certificate programs allow attendees to learn from proven instructors in their fields. Students get the same training these instructors present in their live seminars without having to travel or spend a large amount of time away from their workplace. Our certificates are categorized into two tracks: Industrial Control and Automation and Reliability and Maintenance Management.

Today’s workplace calls for superior executive leadership to encourage innovation. Experienced industry leaders have partnered with KU to develop innovative professional leadership training. Training formats include webinars, workshops, an intensive week-long immersion program in February, customized in-house programming and personal leadership coaching.

A well-planned warehouse layout contributes to improving processes and inventory control, both key functions in reducing operating costs. The annual Warehouse and Distribution Center Layout Seminar at KU can help you and your organization stay cost-competitive.


Visit the KU Greater Kansas City Federal Executive Board Partnership homepageto learn more and view a full listing of University-wide programming available under the partnership, including courses and programs from KU Edwards Campus and the KU Public Management Center.


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